Poker lexicon: how to pass for an insider?

Of all the games of chance in existence, poker is probably the most stylish and fun. It is a beloved form of entertainment for thousands of players, whether it is an online casino https://casinopokiesurf.com/ or a land-based gambling house. There are hundreds of legally operating poker rooms around the world.

Online poker has many different versions and types that have their own rules and peculiarities. However, there are some terms and concepts that you will encounter in all types. If you intend to try your strengths, get to know these poker terms so that you don’t make a fool of yourself at a poker table with the professionals.

  • Antes – the first bets made by players before the cards are dealt.
  • Pot – the amount of chips on the table.
  • Blinds – the bets that two players next to the dealer are forced to make
  • Bad beat – this is a losing hand that could be successive.
  • UTG (Under the gun) – the term used to describe the position of the player who has to “talk” first after the blinds.
  • Slowplay – a strategy of deceiving opponents by betting small with good cards
  • All-in – this is where the player announces that he is betting all his chips.
  • Rush – a series of winning bets
  • Bike – this is the nickname for the lowest hand
  • Three of a Kind – this is the name given to a hand with three of the same card and two different cards
  • Entry fee – a price that the player has to pay to enter the tournament
  • Nuts – a term for the best hand in a game
  • Raise – the action of increasing the previous player’s bet.
  • Community cards – these are the cards in the middle of the table that are visible to all participants in the game.

There are still some poker terms and slang words that will help you sound like an insider, even if it’s your first game of poker. Keep in mind that if a player calls you a “bird”, “pigeon” or “fish”, they are not taking you seriously, but as a loser. But you can always say “I’m black!” to show that you think you’re a pretty good player.

“To be hooded means to lose almost everything and to have no means to play more. Two terms are often used to describe players: “safe” for someone who only wins big and “martian” for someone who risks even with a weak hand.

Pada umumnya pelat beton bertulang dipakai sebagai lantai, atap, dan dinding dari gedung – gedung, serta sebagai pelat lantai (decks) dari jembatan.

Untuk pembangunan gedung dengan konstruksi yang ringan, tipis tetapi kuat dalam perencanaan penambahan satu level lantai rumah adalah dengan membuat pelat beton yang ringan, tipis tetapi kuat dalam menahan beban strukturnya.



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